Transformational Healing (English)

What is Transformational Healing?

Transformational Healing is a fast, efficient way of changing negative beliefs about yourself and healing hearts, mind and bodies.

What does this mean?

The cells in our bodies hold positive and negative memories. Transformational Healing works at this celluar level. The cells which holds the memories of previous negative experiences are “transformed”. The negative memory can be released and the cells can then hold more positive information, helping the body heal physically, become fitter and even younger. Beliefs and attitudes change and life become more joyous and peaceful without the “drama”.

Where does „Transformational Healing“ come from?

Patricia Angove from Cornwall, England, works as a facilitator of Transformational Healing and as a teacher since 1994. She’s the founder of the School of Transformational Healing and has worked in many countries across the world. For more information about Patricia visit her website

What is a facilitator of Transformational Healing?

A facilitator of Transformational Healing is your personal companion during a session and your own Transformational Healing Process. The facilitator holds the energy and aids the flow, so that you can do the work which you need to do at that point of time. The facilitator also assists in bringing up issues from the your unconscious and keeps you focused.

Every facilitator has not only completed the Footsteps of the Soul™ training course but continues to train and is encouraged to continue with his/her own healing. Each facilitator is trained to work with their clients in a supportive, loving and totally non-judgemental way.

All of our facilitators are experienced in guideing the Transformational Healing Process but may also include other modalities in order to enhance whatever the client is requiring.

What can I expect from a session and from doing Transformational Healing?

A Transformational Healing Process could be compared to some guided meditations.

You are seated and fully clothed. During the whole process you are fully conscious and whenever you feel you want to talk to the facilitator or interject, you can do so.

Zu Beginn der Sitzung wird ein kurzes Vorgespräch geführt, dann wirst du gebeten, einen tiefen Atemzug zu machen und deine Augen zu schließen.

At the beginning of a process there is a little preliminary verbalisation, after that you are asked to take a deep breath and to close your eyes.

Your facilitator supports you with an energy of oneness as the facilitator connects with your soul and body on a nonverbal level. Your body shows your facilitator where the cells are that are holding the negative beliefs or where the negative memories lie. This is normally felt by you as a block, numbness, pain or discomfort and your facilitator feels it with you.

Emotions and feelings can be released as the facilitator talks to your soul and your body. Memories sometimes surface of incidents that were blocked out or pushed down. Sometimes there is more talking, sometimes there is no talking, but always something within your body and within your cells changes.

When the releasing has come to an end, your facilitator will surround you with a different energy, which we call “truth”, and this energy assists your body in taking in what is your ultimate truth, i.e. that you are an awesome, wonderful, strong and powerful Divine Being having a human experience on this earth. Or something like that depending on what you’re able to take as your truth.

Your cells and body absorb this energy of “truth” and begin to hold a more positive energy which then helps you to take on and maintain a more lighter, loving and optimistic attitude towards yourself and others.

The session end with a short feedback but only if you want to talk about your experience.

How long does a session last?

Sessions lasts about one hour with about ten minutes preliminary talk and ten to fifteen minutes follow up.

How often shall I take a session?

We never say how often you should come for a session, that is up to you. You are the creator of your life and your healing is your own responsibility. Sometimes you might feel one has been enough, and sometimes you will feel you need more.

We suggest you wait a little while between sessions in order to observe and integrate your Transformational Healing Process.

How much does a session cost?

The price depends on the level of qualifications of the facilitator,  the region/country where the facilitator lives and other expenses, e.g. need to rent a room for giving sessions.

Actively working facilitators charge between £ 40 to £ 80 (UK) resp. € 50 to € 90 (Austria, Germany, Spain) at the moment.

What clients say about the process

“I can’t really describe in words what happened. I felt so held and supported.  I felt I could work on blocks I never thought I could get rid of.”

“After my session I felt so much lighter. It was like losing a ton of stones, I never imagined  I was carrying so much heaviness in my body.”

“When I opened my eyes I thought I needed sunglasses. Everything in the room was brighter and more shining, It was like seeing properly for the first time in my life.”

“I was really doubtfully before the session. I’ve tried so many different things in my life to get rid of all the stuff I carried with me, but wasn’t really successful. After only one session one of my biggest issues was gone. I don’t have to understand how this process works and what it is about, I felt the experience of releasing and transforming and I can see changes going on in my environment, too. You can’t take this in with your mind, you can only feel it and observe the changes. Love it, I really love it!”

What facilitators say about the process

“It is a perfect tool to teach a person the concept of mind, body, heart and soul connection and it is a perfect opportunity to bring balance between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.”

“Transformation Healing helps you to discover your Soul Purpose by opening up communication with your soul.”

“The process will help you to shift blocks and belief systems which are currently hindering you living your life for your highest purpose.”

“This is a powerful healing process which helps you to do healing at very deep levels guided by your own soul.”