Special price for online sessions

All facilitators named on this homepage offer their service online for a special price of 30£ resp. 35€ (for those on benefits) and 40£ resp. 45€ (for those earning) per session.

In times of crisis there is a lot of grief, pain, fear and trauma around, so that people need support in getting through those most difficult times. As the method of Transformational Healing is so fast and powerful, a small group of facilitators wants to offer Transformational Healing sessions online for people from all walks of life to try it. 

We have agreed to offer our services for the special price mentioned above.

We are offering this very special opportunity to anyone throughout the world who needs support, or who feels stuck and wants to move on.

Sessions will last approx one hour and will take place online using Whatsapp, Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Jitsi or other online video tools. Feel free to contact the facilitator you feel connected to, see contact details there.

Note: This offer applies only for online sessions. Private sessions at the face are charged as always.